How to Wear All - Over Print Hawaiian Shirts and Look Cool

3 easy way to have the best Aloha Shirts as well as to make sure you look chic with them. In this post, we will go through some tips to help you choose, style and look cool with your Hawaiian Shirts and get the most out of your purchase.
How to Wear All - Over Print Hawaiian Shirts and Look Cool

Obviously, almost anyone can look amazing in a printed Aloha Shirt. The volume of these distinctive floral-patterned shirts has surged to a considerable level, meaning that they successfully penetrated the mainstream market. However, there is still one ugly truth: not everyone knows how to wear an Aloha Shirt in a befitting manner that perfectly caters to your taste, let alone trendy styles of clothes. Here are some tips to make sure you are probably on the right track to mastering Hawaiian Shirt fashion.

What To Take Notice Of 

First and foremost, the key answer is to find the right style and choose the right Hawaiian Shirt for yourself. As easy as it may sound, this process will actually need a lot of consideration. Here are some tips to mix and match your Aloha Shirts

1. Colors

These shirts originating in Hawaii usually represent the tropical vibe, embodied by tones of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Let’s assume that we’re talking beach-time, you’ll want to pair your Hawaiian Shirts with some beach shorts. The most basic rule that you need to keep in mind is that you’re going to need shorts in a solid color and you should pick a short's color that’s the same as the background of the shirt. For example, if your shirt has red and brown autumn leaves set against a beige backdrop, you may go in for a pair of beige shorts.

Another trick is that if you have a shirt with orange flowers and golden highlights against a black background, you can pull off a pair of khaki shorts.

Beach Hawaiian Shirt

2. Patterns

Make an effort to find Hawaiian graphic patterns that relate to your own style so that it can convey your authentic image, not make you look peculiar in an eccentric way. For that reason, prioritize classic symbols or vivid patterns of trees, birds, and oceans instead of hardcore stuff like weapons or skull and bones.

Surfing Hawaiian Shirt | For Men & Women | Adult | HW2416

Surfing Hawaiian Shirt

3. Fabrics

Good choices are loose fabrics like silk and cotton that provide you with a sense of comfort all day long. Otherwise, a shirt made of low-quality fabric after a night party can have such an odd smell that makes you wish to get rid of it.

Neon Jellyfish Under The Sea Hawaiian Shirt | For Men & Women | Adult | WT1493

Neon Jellyfish Under The Sea Hawaiian Shirt

3 Creative Tips

Everyone can find and utilize some techniques of how to wear an Aloha Shirt that works under any circumstances, just by mixing with some other accessories and clothes.

1. Smart Casual

In combination with jeans or trousers, these can help create an elegant look to fit in on many occasions, ranging from your workplace to a festive event.

However, consider carefully and choose the right pants to wear with a printed Hawaiian Shirt so as not to offend the majority of people with your lively Hawaiian Shirt. It is highly recommended that you should go for pleated trousers and a plain-colored suit like grey and blue.

The choice of shoes to wear with your Aloha Shirt is also important. Depending on your choice of socks, you can tuck them in your boots or leave them out of your sneakers as naturally as you wish for a casual look.

Amazing Vintage Motorcycle On Route 66 Hawaiian Shirt | For Men & Women | Adult | WT1275

Vintage Motorcycle Hawaiian Shirt

2. Perfect party outfit
Going to a summer festival or tiki bar in a Hawaiian Shirt is more than fitting. It’s the perfect look to bring your fun, energetic vibe to any event. 

In case you are going to a beach or pool party, there’s no better duo than a mix-and-match of Aloha Shirts and Jeans. This combo will guarantee to create a sporty and stylish look.

Vintage Parrots Hawaiian Shirt

3. Mix with an undershirt

It is apparent that a Hawaiian Shirt cannot do the same job as a windbreaker, but wearing it as a substitute for jackets is not a bad idea. Many people have realized the secret behind this: Not only to give more details and highlights but also to cover your skin and partially prevent yourself from the sunlight impacts.

The best combination would be to wear it over a solid color tee, preferably black or white. This will help your shirts shine and become the center of attention.

For more reference, take a look at our custom printed Hawaiian Shirts here.

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